Bird Price list

Bird Taxidermy Prices – these are for having an item mounted provided by yourself.  Items from my stock can be a lot more.  Please add 20% for birds in a flying pose.  Prices include finishing on a wooden base, but casing and complex groundwork will be more.


Bird Taxidermy Prices 2014
Specimen supplied by Customer Price
Small Bird £250
Blackbird Sized Bird £300
Jay Magpie £350
Woodcock, Snipe, Partridge, Grouse £360
Kestrel, Sparrowhawk Tawny/Barn Owl £375
Mallard £500
Goose £800
Peregrine Falcon £750
Gyrfalcon from £900
Eagle (Golden) from £1200
Birds in total flight approximately 20% extra

Casing and complex ground work is extra.

If you are looking for a bird from stock or the bird is not mentioned, please contact.  Items from stock will cost more.

Legal Notice

Any bird must have met with a legitimate death and have a signed letter stating such, if you are unsure of how it died please contact.

Birds Storage Info

The bird should be wrapped in polyethylene and frozen. I have successfully mounted a bird after having been frozen for more than 20 years but obviously it is far better to have it done within a year or so. Just keep it well wrapped and do not forget to keep a record of how, where and when it died.

I can model the bird in any pose and fit in a variety of cases. Have a look around my site to find a case or pose you like. (It is not essential to case an item but it will keep much better in the long term.)

Sending your item – transportation within the UK can either be by post for smaller birds (this must be first class post – inquire at your local post office FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY) or courier dependent on size.  Please also ring me to make sure someone is here to accept the item 01937 844580.

Packing – please pack in a box to stop the item being crushed and if large, make sure that no fluid can leak from the item otherwise it could be destroyed on route (use a suitable amount of tissue/newspaper then polyethylene).

When sending an item you wish to have done, please fill in Job Sheet (word) – Job Sheet (PDF)

If sending a stock item (ie you don’t want it to be mounted for yourself and donating it to me), please fill in Log Sheet-(Word) – Log-Sheet (PDF) (to save right click and choose “save as”).

Any Problems please ring or email.

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