Taxidermy how to is a common question asked by some customers having some taxidermy mounted.

So just to start I would like to comment on some common misconceptions.

1) We do not Stuff. This would imply filling an animal and not giving it any shape or form, to do a good piece of taxidermy you need to sculpt to form an accurate body to replace the animals original so taxidermy is more of a sculptural proses rather than stuffing proses.

2) We do not kill animals for taxidermy as normal, I have to  as normaladd this as some taxidermists may be hunters and do the odd item they have shot themselves but it is not typical and most of the items a UK taxidermist will mountare killed by you the general public (this is typically by road traffic accidents! hitting windows! Etc).

3) Taxidermy Quality one important point I woulda also like to make is a very high % of taxidermy in existence is poor. Have a look at some of the better work around and hopefully you will be able to see the difference. And appreciated the skill needed to create a good piece of work.

Taxidermy how to birds

Very quickly the skin and feathers are removed the skin is then washed a replica of the birds body is made from woodwool foam, balsa wood, the skin is then dryer and fixed over the manikin (false body) for the bird wires are used to hold the bird in place. Some bones are used and we use false glass/plastic eyes, the ground work can take longer to do than the bird. How long does it take to stuff a bird, this is like asking an artist how long thy take to do a painting , some paintings can be done in a few min it's or many months and obviously this will effect the price.and cured

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