Mike Gadd - Taxidermy Awards

This page is just some of the UK Taxidermy awards I have received over the years, I have as yet not traveled to the european or USA shows, these have a lot more entrants and quite often much better quality work.



1992 was my first competition win, I remember that day well and more importantly all the work trying to make a nice piece of bird taxidermy, a lot of hard work went in to get to a level that stood a chance of getting any award, winning the UK Bird Competition Winner with my Peregrine Falcon was great milestone for me.

I now look back on the photo of the project and know it was not a great or even good piece but luckily must have been the better item of bird taxidermy at the meeting. In reality all my wins are just fair birds, and I am still hoping to get the a stage I can produce a good piece of bird taxidermy.

The students I have taught over the years and students of other good taxidermy teachers have a great opportunity

 "a great head start of sound techniques and theories"

Something not available when I started.

I expect to see my students produce stunning work and embarrass mine.
If you do not you are letting your teacher and yourself down

Go for it and take the lead in taxidermy in the UK and hopefully around the world.

UK Bird Taxidermy Award Winner
Hobby Falcon - Bird Competition winner 2013
UK Bird taxidermy Winner 2012
Bald Eagle - Bird Competition winner 2012
Bird taxidermy award 2011
Gyrfalcon - Bird Taxidermy Winner 2011
kookaburra Bird taxidermy award 2010
kookaburra - Bird Taxidermy Winner 2010
Gyrfalcon Bird taxidermy award 2009
Gyrfalcon - Bird Taxidermy Winner 2009
Gyrfalcon Bird taxidermy award 2008
Gyrfalcon - Bird Taxidermy Winner 2008
UK Bird Taxidermy Golden Eagle Taxidermist Mike Gadd
Golden Eagle - Bird Competition Winner 1999
Taxidermy Peregrine Falcon chasing Red Grouse
Peregrine Falcon - Bird Competition Winner 1992