This Is just a quick overview as to how taxidermy items are mounted.

Quite often people ask what's in a taxidermy bird or Mammal or fish indeed they struggle with the terminology taxidermy taxidermists.

Taxidermy and its name

Taxidermists over the years have had all sorts of variations of the word by the public. To sum up, we are called taxidermists. The process is known as taxidermy derived from the Greek word literally translated meaning skin, arranger, this is literally what we do. The skin is arranged on a manikin.The correct spelling is taxidermy not taxidermi. the process is mounting not stuff or taxidermiarize or one of the many other variations we have heard of.

Bird Taxidermy - The Process

This is from my old site so is a little dated but gives you an idea how the taxidermy process on bird taxidermy works.